FAQ About the Best Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

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In this ultimate wood fired pizza oven FAQ guide, We answered to your most frequently asked wood fired pizza oven questions. Learn more about Grilling with wood fired pizza oven Q/A.

What temperature do I need for Pizza?

Neapolitan Pizza ovens can cook at a temperature around 750 F-900F. That is hotter than your home oven. It heats up quickly in just 25-30 minutes, and on average, you can cook the pizza in just 2-3 minutes.

How Can Pizza Ovens Get So hot?

Because three types of heating are occurring at the same time in these specialty ovens, they can become extremely hot. Radiant heat comes from the fire and cooks the pizza directly and indirectly as it bounces off the inside of the chamber. At the same time, conductive heat transfers into the pizza from the cooking surface, and convective heat from the fire is pushed around the oven.

Can I cook the Other Things on Pizza Oven?

You can't eat pizza every day, but you do know that you can cook anything in the wood-fired oven. You can roast meats and cook food in pots. The same wood-fired flavour can be found in your bread, meat, seafood, and vegetables.

What Distinguishes A Wood Fired Oven From A Gas or Electric Oven?

  • Fast and hot- Both gas and electricity use primary direct heat for cooking. Wood-fired pizza ovens use a combination of direct and indirect heat to cook. Higher temperature cooks super hot and super fast in just a minute.
  • Changeable Flavour Profile- Just as smoking meat with different woods changes the flavor of the meat changing the type of wood you use for your pizza oven can change the flavor profile of the finished product.
  • Authenticity- Believe it or not, there is an Italian association in the wood fired oven. These pizza ovens are made of stainless steel. It provides exceptional quality and innovation, thanks to the use of thicker materials in the Dome and the oven's base support.

Why Are Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Becoming More Popular?

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Outdoor cooking differs from cooking in the kitchen. The taste and texture of outdoor-cooked food differ from that of indoor-cooked food. It also varies depending on the type of cooking activity. At the outdoor cooking, you can cook roasted vegetables, baked fish, jacket potatoes, pizzas, freshly baked meat, flatbreads, and other foods in your outdoor space.

As a result, the popularity of wood fired pizza ovens has unquestionably increased. And there is a reason for this: everyone wants to cook uniquely in their outdoor space. They have grown in popularity due to their quick cooking times, versatility in the kitchen, and ease of use. 

Reasons Why Outdoor Pizza Ovens Are Popular? 

  1. Faster Cooking Time- Faster cooking time is one of the features of Outdoor pizza ovens. It can reach temperatures that an indoor kitchen oven cannot reach, ranging from 600° to 900° F. Most of the pizza ovens warms up quickly and on that, you can prepare the pizza in less than 3 minutes.

  2. Get Your family together-  With outdoor cooking, you can gather your family. Your family enjoys spending time together, and there's no better way to do so than with a pizza oven. Give your family the authentic dining experience and flavor of food cooked in your outdoor ovens. 

  3. A Memorable Cooking Experience-  Outdoor cooking provides a unique cooking experience. It is not often found in other methods. It creates an environment in which your friends and neighbors will enjoy watching your oven in action, and it is quite a spectacle to watch a cooked from start to finish. And the other thing is that everything from meat and vegetables to bread and desserts you experients in your outdoor space. 

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Your Outdoor Experience-

  1. ilFornino  Fiamma Rossa Media Stainless Steel Wood Burning Pizza Oven- The Fiamma Rossa Media is one of ilFornino's top-of-the-line pizza ovens. It is made of 14-gauge stainless steel and has straight, flawless continuous welding, demonstrating excellent craftsmanship. Its Flat Cooking Surface ensures even heat distribution and retention.  This oven takes 25-30 minutes to heat, retains heat at 750+ °F, and can stay hot for up to seven hours by adjusting the chimney damper, making it ideal for bread-making, bagels, pizzas, cookies, and anything else that requires floor heat. In 90 seconds, you can cook a pizza.

  2. ilFornino Roma Series Mini Stainless Steel Wood Burning Pizza Oven- The Roma Mini is one of ilFornino New York's premium pizza ovens. It's made of 14-gauge stainless steel with a powder-coated black outer dome to match any decor. The Double Steel Dome is insulated with 6 inches of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation for maximum heat retention. The Roma Series includes a passive directional venting system that directs heat in the oven to maximize efficiency. It typically takes 20-25 minutes to heat up. A pizza can be cooked in 90 seconds once heated. Its thermal mass can retain heat at temperatures above 750 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours by adjusting the rotating chimney damper. The capacity of the oven for pizza: 2 10" pies 


ilFornino New York has introduced the many pizza ovens with the help of that you will cook your Neapolitan-style pie in  60-90 seconds. You can see why pizza ovens are becoming more popular among home buyers. Pizza ovens not only produce delicious food, but they also play a role in a memorable outdoor experience. We are here to make your job easier by guiding you through why outdoor pizza ovens are becoming so popular, and if you are looking for the best, please visit our website or call us at (877) 302-6660. 

Making A Homemade Wood Fired Pizza in 90 Seconds

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Cook the delicious homemade wood-fired pizza in less than 3 minutes. Cooking with wood is just as easy as cooking with gas. The burning of the wood produces flames and intense heat, which cooks the pizza quickly. It is not only more practical than delivery, but it also generates a fiesta environment for those who have gathered in your home. You can do whatever you want. Give the kids a chance to speak up. Pepperoni is especially popular among children. And everyone enjoy a freshly baked pizza!

So, if you want to enjoy wood-fired cooking, then click the link below-

Homemade Wood Fired Pizza

Guide for the Choosing the Right Wood for Wood Burning Outdoor Oven

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What kind of wood should I use for a wood burning outdoor ovens, and where can I get one? Keep in mind that there are many different types of wood in nature. You may have an abundance of some types of wood depends on your location. Freshly cut wood will not burn cleanly, so make sure the wood you use is dried or seasoned. Natural or kiln-dried are also viable choices. You'll get a straightforward answer to your question from ilFornino. 

To learn more about choosing purchasing & handling wood for oven Click Here:-


Best Outdoor PIzza Oven

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Looking for the best outdoor pizza oven? Your wait is over here as IlFornino specializes to provide the best and amazing quality outdoor pizza oven. ilFornino ovens are made with the latest technology and modern manufacturing techniques. All ovens are designed for those who love the traditional taste and want a superior and perfect cooking experience. You will get the best materials in all manufacturing of ovens. You can get both stand-alone ovens or countertop ovens to suit your outdoor kitchen needs. These ovens provide even constant heat without recovery time. 

Discover the complete range and make your own backyard perfect this summer with ilFornino's outdoor pizza ovens!

Pizza oven covers | Ilfornino

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 Outdoor pizza oven covers are available in a variety of styles to help you get the most out of your investment. Although it is not needed, it is highly recommended that the device be protected from having water and snow inside, as well as keeping water and dirt off the unit.Shop today from ilFornino: https://www.ilfornino.com/pizza-oven-covers/

Pizza ovens outdoor | ilFornino

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 Pizza ovens Outdoor kitchens and alfresco dining offer a great experience for your family and your guests. You get to enjoy the outdoors while preparing a range of foods that are difficult to prepare indoors. To complete your kitchen, a wood-fired pizza oven is a logical addition. It has the potential to become a focal point for your dining experience. To know more, visit us: https://www.ilfornino.com/blog/ilfornino-ovens-for-your-outdoor-kitchen-understanding-the-options-and-issues