Tools you need for Homemade Wood Fired Pizza

Without a set of tools, your outdoor kitchen is incomplete. In the same way, ilFornino wood fired pizza ovens aren't complete without the right wood fired pizza oven tools and accessories. If you want to be a pizza cooking expert, then you must use the right tools. IlFornino has a wide collection of tools and accessories you need to cook perfect pizzas like aluminum pizza peel, aluminum pizza tray, dough mixers, stainless steel handle, accessory stand holder etc. In addition to this, we also have tools for cleaning the wood fired pizza ovens so that you can keep your oven in good condition. This will also help to maintain the flavor of pizza pies. By using the right tools and accessories to cook pizza you can take your pizza cooking skills to the higher level.

Here is the list of tools you need to use for homemade wood fired pizza.

Digital Scale

Digital scale is one of the most important tool to make the consistent dough. To make the dough all the ingredients should be in the right praportion. For that, you must use a digital scale for accurate measuring.

Bench Scraper

Bench Scraper is used to scrap dough from the counter. You can also use bench scraper blade to cut the large dough balls into your desired pizza size.

Pizza Spoodle

Use a spoodle to distribute the sauce over the pizza dough. Be careful while choosing the right spoodle size.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is used to put the pizza in the oven and to retrieve the pizza. You must use aluminum pizza peel for this purpose.

Pizza Cutter

You should use a pizza cutter to cut the pizzas in smaller portions. Avoid using a knife for cutting.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Pizza oven is one of the most important tool for cooking pizza. You should use wood fired pizza oven. Some people also use the gas oven or electric oven. But we recommend the use of wood fired oven. Pizza cooked in wood fired oven is much healthier and delicious as compared to gas and electric oven. Cooking pizza in wood fired oven is more enjoyable.

Additional Tips : Now its time to cook the pizza, before that you need to get the right ingredients. Make sure that all the required ingredients like cheese, dough, bread, flour, mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, gluten, oregano, Italian sausage, cornmeal, cauliflower etc should be fresh.


  1. I’m happy to find your article as I was about to buy the wood fired pizza oven and I was curious what accessories I should need for perfect pizza outcome. Keep sharing the good stuff.

  2. These all are the necessary things to cook a nice wood fired pizza. I have all the accessories mentioned here.

  3. I didn't even know that there is a tool for spreading sauce on the pizza. I would be buying Spoodle for the perfect spread on my pizza very soon.